Tatiana Aitken tantric therapist in Teesside

Tantric Bodywork & Tantric Massage

Tantric bodywork therapy combines the use of bodywork, tantric massage and body awareness in a powerful way. This holistic therapy works with the whole body, the mind, and the life force energy which flows through the body. It beautifully blends ancient wisdom and techniques from Tantric and Taoist traditions with modern knowledge in neuroscience and biochemistry.

Tantric bodywork therapy uses de-armouring techniques to help you release tensions, stresses and trauma from the body. Once the underlying tensions start to leave, energy can flow more freely and you can feel an increase in amounts of pleasure and joy you are able to experience. This can help you to lead a more happy, healthy and fulfilled existence. In addition, you learn tools and techniques to more deeply connect with yourself, and to help you on your journey after each session.

Who is tantric therapy suitable for?Tatiana Aitken tantric therapist giving tantric massage to female client

The therapy is suitable for anyone wanting to deepen the connection with their body, let go of depression, compulsion or anxiety and open up to feeling more pleasure and joy in their life. It is equally suitable to those who want to have clothes-on and clothes-off sessions. Both offer an opportunity to integrate any trauma into the whole system in order to feel more whole and complete, and sensitise the body. This therapy is also suitable to those wanting to overcome and heal from any sexual trauma or dysfunction, as well as those wishing to explore expanding the possibilities of pleasure and the movement of life-force energy through the body. For the full list of benefits, click here.

Overcome stress and open up to more pleasureTatiana Aitken tantric therapist connection ritual with partner

All of us have had at least some overwhelming experiences in life, often in childhood, that feel like something is too much, too fast, or too soon for us. This can be from big, single events, or more often on a cumulative basis from the stresses of everyday life. When we are not able to fully feel or express our responses to these events, the charge which builds up in the nervous system can get stuck there for years, even decades. Over time, a nervous system which is not able to complete the cycle and de-activate, becomes over-sensitised. This can lead to gradual worsening of a whole host of symptoms. These can include depression, anxiety, panic, self-criticism, compulsive behaviours, sexual dysfunction, dissociation, numbness, helplessness and feeling trapped, amongst others.

Tantric bodywork and tantric massage techniques help to access and start to let go of some of these powerful sensations and emotions, whilst at the same time building up positive sensations of safety and well-being in the body. This is done through coaching the clients in the use of powerful tools such as breath, body awareness, sound and movement. By letting to of the unwanted, you are able to start to open up to more pleasure, love and joy in your life.

Heal sexual dysfunction Tatiana Aitken tantric therapist in North Yorkshire

For hundreds of years, Western cultures have tended to have a negative attitude towards the body, sensuality and sexuality. Although this is changing, many of us today still subconsciously accept the messages that pleasure is wrong, and sexual energy is something to feel guilty and ashamed about. The genital area is often condemned from childhood as ‘not nice’ – a place to be hidden away and not talked about. Many of us learn to numb out pleasure in the genitals and the whole pelvic area as a result.

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women is common in our culture. Symptoms include low self-esteem, sexual shutting down, sexual acting out, inability to feel pleasure, difficulties with finding and keeping the right partner and addictions. Treatments can also help new and established couples to re-connect and deepen the relationship.


“Tatiana is the most skillful practitioner I have ever known. She holds the space with such care, compassion and safety that it allows whatever needs to come up to come up. Tatiana can hold really challenging emotions with such skill, and the safety that you need, coupled with such profound gentleness and compassion. Tatiana is an immense gift to the world, and to me and I have found the work she does so deeply healing and nourishing. I wish I had worked with Tatiana years ago!” Anon.
“Tatiana has an amazing touch, calm and confident, her words full of care and wisdom. Her session broke walls and opened myself up for new experiences, and was enriching from beginning to end.”¬†Software engineer from Gateshead