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Tantric Healing Therapy

Over the past decade I have studied, practised and explored many different aspects of health, happiness and sexuality.

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How To Have an Orgasm

Meet the women on a mission to improve the number of people able to genuinely attain the ultimate symbol of sexual satisfaction.

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Tantric Sex Guide

Tantra expert, Tatiana Aitken, reveals all her tips and techniques on how to have the best Tantric Sex.

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Everyone can benefit from trying tantric sex

Whether you’re going it alone or with a partner, the benefits of trying tantric sex are plentiful. Nothing to lose, and only pleasure to gain…

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Tantric Bodywork with Tatiana Aitken

Today’s guest has been facilitating Tantra & Conscious Sexuality workshops and retreats in the North East of England since 2015 and to date has given hundreds of individual sessions and worked with many diverse clients

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7 tricks to feel sexy this summer

But tantra is
more than a celebrity fad. ‘It’s an
ancient philosophy originating in
the Indian subcontinent,’ says
Tatiana Aitken, who runs tantric
workshops for individuals and
couples***. ‘It can make couples
mindful of each other’s needs and
help them connect from the heart.