1-3 day long retreats for individuals and couples (existing clients only).

Over the last few years, I have facilitated numerous group events and retreats, as well as given hundreds of sessions to individuals and couples. This has enabled me to witness the power of having longer together, as well as focusing attention on the requirements of just one or two people. Thus, the intention for the retreats is to enable us to delve deeper together, opening the doors for greater relaxation, connection with self and long-term transformation.

I will structure the programme around your specific requirements, pick and choose from the following elements, and feel free to suggest your own:

  • Receiving bodywork
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Massage skills
  • Expanding pleasure
  • Releasing stress/ trauma
  • Overcoming sexual dysfunction
  • Communication skills
  • Tantric philosophy & education
  • Learn tantric techniques for moving sexual energy through the body
  • Breathwork
  • Shadow work
  • Shamanic journeying

Please note, the focus of the retreats is on therapy & education, and no sexual services are offered.  butterfly transforming

Location: Teesside/ North Yorkshire or London preferred, other locations considered.

Price: Starting from £950 per day; includes accommodation, food and any learning materials.

Please enquire for more information.

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The session with Tatiana Aitken has given me so much! Being a sexologist, I thought I knew a lot about my sexuality, I knew it would be a pleasure, but I didn’t know the session would have such a healing effect. Thanks to her caring attitude, aware and very focused on the present moment eyes and confident body, I could feel very safe from the very beginning of the session. I appreciated very much the detailed talk at the beginning of the session – I could share my most important needs, what led me to work on them afterwards. Overall, since the session, I have been feeling definitely more liberated, more true and connected to myself. I feel I have more right to be myself (which wasn’t the case before the session). I am very much grateful I could benefit from Tatiana’s loving attitude and very professional skills.” Marta Kosinska / sexologist, psychologist / Gdansk, Poland