Full Body Orgasms: How to Have One

What is it?

Firstly, full body orgasms are real, and most people can learn to open up to experiencing orgasm in this way. As with regular orgasm, the experience can vary from person to person. FBOs can be felt as orgasmic sensations spreading to every part of the body, sometimes accompanied by the whole body shaking. They usually start in the genitals, before spreading in pleasurable waves through the body. It is common to feel deep states of peace, bliss and fulfilment following a FBO. Sometimes they happen spontaneously when you are not expecting it, but they are also something you can learn to do.

Not Gender Specific

You do not have to be of a specific gender to experience a FBO, although how you get there can vary. It is useful for men to learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, by re-directing the flow of sexual energy inwards instead of ejaculating. Men can also explore having prostate orgasms, as this can help in having a FBO. For women, g-spot orgasms can help, as well as learning to let go and surrender to pleasure.

Tips for Having a FBO

  • Breathe! Holding your breath helps to create a quick orgasm. Take long, slow and deep breaths. Deep breathing helps to build more energy in the body; breath is a simple yet powerful practice
  • Make Sounds – this can help to move the energy up through the body. More sound is good, so try screaming or allowing yourself to make whatever noises come out
  • Move Your Body – movement helps to spread energy through the body. Try starting a wavelike motion from the hips, and spreading the movement to the whole body. Allow the body to move in whatever way it wants, including shaking
  • Let Go of Inhibitions – the above three tips are likely to be more effective once you are more comfortable with expressing your pleasure. Read more about ways we limit our pleasure
  • Learn to Channel Sexual Energy Through the Body. You can do this with breath, visualisation or simply by moving your hands around your own body
  • Stimulate Multiple Erogenous Zones at Once – this can help to build pleasure and arousal in the body, and can help with FBOs as the pleasure is experienced in more than one place at once
  • Relax and Focus on What Feels Good. Pressurising yourself to have a FBO is counter-productive, as you are more likely to tense up and have less chance of experiencing it
  • Build Sexual Energy With the Practice of ‘Edging’: bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm then reducing the stimulation, many times
  • Learn to Ask for What You Want – communicating with a partner in a clear and open way can help you to have more of what feels good
  • Exercise Your Pelvic Floor Muscles: strong muscles can help you to have stronger, longer orgasms
  • Don’t be Disheartened. Even if you don’t feel much at first, keep trying, experimenting with different techniques and positions. Focus on what you have learnt about your body, even if something doesn’t work for you

How Tantric Therapy and Coaching can Help

Physically, most people are capable of experiencing a full body orgasm. However, many people are not able to have this experience because of the presence of various blocks. These can include tension in the body, or emotional blocks around sexuality such as feelings of shame or guilt. Past negative sexual experiences can also reduce the amount of pleasure that can be experienced.

Tantric therapy sessions can help to learn to let go and open up to more pleasure, adapt a more sex positive attitude, and learn specific tools for relaxation and moving energy around the body.

I offer both in person sessions in Teesside/ London, and online coaching sessions.

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