What is covered?

Cup of coffee to symbolise sitting down to talk for a tantric coaching session for singles and couples

Each session of tantric therapy coaching is tailored for individual client’s requirements and may involve some of the below elements:

  • Learn specific exercises to help build awareness of the body
  • Learn exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor
  • Better understand the nature of sexual dysfunction and what can be done 
  • Better understand the workings of the nervous system and how to start to heal it
  • Better understand how to relax and reduce tension in the body
  • Get a thorough explanation of what to expect from a Tantric bodywork therapy session
  • Receive recommendations of resources 
  • Be introduced to meditation/ guided meditations
  • Learn some of the Tantric and Taoist philosophy
  • Share what is on your mind and be able to ask questions
  • Receive loving, non-judgemental support
  • Self-pleasure/ Orgasmic Yoga coaching
  • Guided self-pleasure rituals to help connect with your body
  • Relationship coaching (I am hetero, poly and LGBTQ+ friendly)

Who is the coaching for?

Those who are considering coming for a bodywork session. Having a coaching session beforehand can better prepare you for what to expect. It can also help equip you with some tools which you can start practising before you arrive. It also helps to build connection between the client and the therapist. It may also allow for more time for bodywork during the first session.

Those who have already had a bodywork session. Having a follow up coaching session is a good way to share anything which may have come up for you following the session, and ask any questions. These sessions also provide on-going support where you can check your progress and receive additional resources.

Those who live geographically too far away for a full bodywork session can still benefit from having a consultation and learning specific techniques and exercises, and obtaining resources.

Those who have different requirements. For example, you may want to talk rather than receive touch, or you may not have the time for a full session.


Sessions are carried out over Skype. Each session is 60-90 mins long. You will be invited to fill in a confidential questionnaire prior to the start of the first session.


£50 for 60 mins / £135 for 3 sessions 

£70 for 90 mins / £195 for 3 sessions

Bank transfer and PayPal accepted. Please note there is a 3% surcharge for any PayPal transactions.


“Very professional and enlightening experience. Practitioner was very knowledgeable in all aspects. Would highly recommend” Colin B.

“I absolutely love coming to see Tatiana for healing. I find it extremely positive and beneficial both physically, mentally and spiritually. Tatiana is a kind, gentle, sensitive woman who I feel extremely comfortable with. I’m currently reducing off mental health medication. Since having treatment with Tatiana I feel more confident and empowered within myself to continue to reduce off these medications. I now have more capacity and willingness and energy to continue coming off them. To anyone doing this I would highly recommend healing with Tatiana to run alongside because in my experience it really helps  ” Lucy B, Thirsk