Treatments for Men


Tantric bodywork therapy, or tantric massage, for men can help with many issues. For clothes-on sessions or for help with issues of a non-sexual nature, please see the treatments overview page.

These sessions are suitable for those wanting to overcome any sexual dysfunction, open up to more pleasure, learn more about Tantra or simply to relax and de-stress.

Sexual healing

Men can develop sexual dysfunctions for a number of reasons. Difficulties with erectile function or ejaculation are common and may occur because of certain medications, diet, lifestyle or blocks in the pelvic area. Often, there are deeper underlying reasons, such as cultural upbringing, emotional blocks and unpleasant past experiences – which may or may not directly relate to sexuality.

In the northern cultures especially, men have often been brought up to be ashamed of their feelings. It is common to believe that it is weak to feel or show emotions. As a result, many close off from intimacy and develop difficulties around expressing themselves. Being sensual and feeling pleasure in the body is generally considered feminine and many men can become disconnected from their bodies and their sexuality. Our culture tends to fear the expression of sexual energy, and some men can feel unsafe to express or feel their arousal.

This treatment can help to explore sexuality in a safe space, without fear or shame. I use different techniques to help to clear physical blockages from the pelvic area, as part of a whole body treatment. During the course of the session, I work with you to help to identify and clear any underlying reasons for the difficulties you may be experiencing. I also offer coaching to help you expand the amount of pleasure you are able to feel in the body.


In addition to the benefits listed on the treatments overview page, this therapy can help you with:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Inhibited ejaculation
  • Love and intimacy issues
  • Sexual shame
  • Low desire/ arousal
  • Low physical sensation
  • Expanding the orgasmic response beyond ejaculation

Prostate and Lingam massage

A prostate massage is offered as part of the treatment. This is a place for men where a lot of negative emotions can be stored, therefore leading to blocks and tensions in that area. Regular prostate massage also helps to protect men from prostate cancer, along with regular exercise, relaxation and a healthy diet.

One of the aims of the treatment is to move life force, or sexual energy through the body for healing purposes. Hence, there is no deliberate ejaculation during the lingam massage. Instead, I will help you to learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and re-direct the flow of energy inwards and upwards through your body.


The sessions are 5-6 hours long and cost £250 in Teesside / North Yorkshire and £350 in London.

Block bookings are available; £650 for 3 sessions in Teesside / North Yorkshire and £950 for 3 sessions in London.

For more information, please see the treatments overview page.

To book a session, please contact Tatiana 07778340823 / 

Please note shorter or longer sessions may be available by request. Some concessions available for the low waged, please ask.


“Tatiana is an amazing human being and a compassionate, caring and extremely skilled professional body worker. The massage she offered me was one of the best I have ever received, and I had quite a few over the years. I had several very intense emotional moments during the session. Tatiana was simply amazing at holding the space, feeling my energy, opening up to meet my emotions and feeling exactly what I needed in each moment. I was astonished by how profoundly and beautifully she was able to do all that. I wholeheartedly recommend Tatiana to anyone wanting to experience a deep, connected, aware and fully present massage.” Warmest hugs, Michael

“Tatiana is totally welcoming and professional. She explains everything before the treatment and invites questions. The space is quiet and has such a beautiful atmosphere. I highly recommend Tatiana as a tantric massage practitioner.” Andrew