Tatiana Aitken giving tantric massage and bodywork session to male client

Who is tantric massage and tantric therapy for?

I work with men, women, and couples. All genders, sexual orientations and relationship styles are welcome. Tantric bodywork therapy is equally suitable for those who wish to address past trauma, make positive changes in their lives, or explore sensuality and sexuality in a safe space. 

Coaching sessions

Not everyone is ready or wanting to receive touch. These sessions are 60-90 mins long. The time can be used to explore ways to open up to feeling more pleasure, feel more connected to self, or learning techniques to ground and calm the nervous system. Clients are often invited to proceed with gentle somatic inquiry – bringing attention to what is happening in their bodies. This can help to bring invaluable insights to the workings of mind and body, helping to peel away layers of tension and conditioning. These sessions can be a good way to lead into touch-based sessions, to help integrate anything which has come up following touch-based sessions, or as a standalone modality. For more information please see the coaching page.

Clothes-on sessions

Tatiana Aitken giving tantric massage and bodywork session to female clientThese are suitable for those who are new to tantric bodywork or are not comfortable exposing parts of their body. This may be a safer and more appropriate place to start for some clients. The format of the session is similar to the clothes-off, although there is no direct genital touch, and the duration may be shorter.

Clothes-off sessions

These are suitable for those wishing to receive bodywork and a tantric massage to their full naked body. Clothes-off sessions include the offer to receive a prostate/ lingam massage for men and a yoni massage for women.  For more information, as well as for working with sexual trauma and dysfunction, please see tantric treatments for men / tantric treatments for women / tantric treatments for couples.

Please note that the therapy is not a form of sexual service, nor is it focused on the genital organs; instead, it is a healing modality designed to treat the whole being and is not the same as some of the Tantric themed massages offered which focus on providing sexual stimulation.

What you can learn:

Tatiana Aitken tantric therapist performing connection rituals with client

  • Specific breathing & relaxation techniques
  • Tantric techniques for moving energy
  • Ways to move stress and tension out of your body
  • Ways to feel more, both physical sensations and emotions
  • Communication skills
  • Ways to feel better in the body
  • Tantric philosophy of peace to help with reducing cognitive stress
  • Ways to feel better about yourself
  • Specific techniques & exercises for dealing with sexual dysfunctions

How tantric massage therapy works

You are invited to become more in touch with your body. This is done by helping you to stay more conscious inTatiana Aitken giving tantric massage and therapy session to male client in London the present moment. You are invited to use the tools of breath, sound, movement and body awareness to access and consciously feel those sensations which have been suppressed. Combined with receiving touch, this can give the opportunity for the brain to form new neural networks, re-wiring the responses to past memories and providing a powerful tool for self-transformation.

Everyone is at a different place on their journey and you are able to decide as the client what you want from each session.

Treatment structure

Massage and bodywork sessions are either 3 or 4 hours long. All include some, or all, (and are not limited to) the following stages:

  • Consultation
  • Shower
  • Connection – this can include meditation, eye gazing and receiving touch
  • Massage / bodywork
  • Time to relax, shower and assimilate your experience

Each session is tailored to each individual’s unique requirements and is held in a safe and loving space. You are not required to participate in anything you do not wish to do and may stop, or pause the session at any time. Everything is clearly explained before we start the session, and your boundaries are respected at all times. I may recommend different techniques or exercises to practice and engage in during sessions, depending on your circumstances.


3 hours £350  

4 hours £400 

I offer treatments in Teesside (TS12 area) and London (Bermondsey SE16). 

Some concessions available for the low waged, please ask.

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“Tatiana is a skilled practitioner with strong intuition, deep love and compassion and a true professional. She has unbelievable physical strength combined with loving tenderness in just the right proportions. She is very open and easy to talk to, and this is highly useful in promoting learning from the experience.” Marc H

“Tatiana is a brilliant, skilful practitioner. She is the most caring and compassionate person I have ever worked with and her skills were so intuitive, loving and holding. The space Tatiana held was so safe it enabled me to be fully seen for the first time in my life, and allowed me to release pain and deep trauma that I have been holding all my life and all the time she held a loving, safe and giving space. Tatiana was such a skilled guide, helping me to process really deep things and giving me permission, guidance and reassurance all the way though, which now have given me a map for in areas of challenge, and a knowing how to handle things in this area.” Anon.

“Intimate touch is missing in my life since being widowed, and I was able to share my need for this with Tatiana who dealt with it openly and non judgmentally. Consent is important to Tatiana who addressed my feelings in a sympathetic, warm and practical way.” Anon