The world’s traditional healing systems have long recognised the unity of mind and body. Tantric bodywork is a holistic therapy which heals the nervous system by re-engaging with the body and our capacity to feel and sense in the present moment.

As we go through life, all of us experience strong and overwhelming emotions at some point, either from big, single events, or more often on a cumulative basis from the stresses of everyday life. When we do not fully feel or express our reactions to them, the nervous system can become over-sensitised from holding on to this energy. Symptoms of this can include depression, anxiety, panic, shame, self-criticism and sexual dysfunction.

The therapy utilises the life force, or sexual, energy in the body to help release old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us. This can make room for more pleasure and joy in our lives, helping us to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilled existence.

For hundreds of years, Western cultures have tended to have a negative attitude towards the body, sensuality and sexuality. Consequently many of us today subconsciously accept the messages that pleasure is wrong, and sexual energy is something to feel guilty and ashamed about. Our genitals are usually condemned from childhood as ‘not nice’ places to not be touched and to be hidden away. Many of us learn to numb out pleasure in the genitals and surrounding areas as a result.

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women is common in our culture. Symptoms include low self-esteem, sexual shutting down, sexual acting out, over- and under-achievement, difficulties with finding and keeping the right partner and addictions.

By healing the relationship we have with our body, pleasure and sexual energy, we are able to holistically treat the mind, body and spirit.

“Tatiana is the most skillful practitioner I have ever known. She holds the space with such care, compassion and safety that it allows whatever needs to come up to come up. Tatiana can hold really challenging emotions with such skill, and the safety that you need, coupled with such profound gentleness and compassion. Tatiana is an immense gift to the world, and to me and I have found the work she does so deeply healing and nourishing. I wish I had worked with Tatiana years ago!” Alys Glover – Psychotherapist – Harrogate
“Tatiana has an amazing touch, calm and confident, her words full of care and wisdom. Her session broke walls and opened myself up for new experiences, and was enriching from beginning to end.” Software engineer from Gateshead