Treatments for Couples

Tantric therapy and tantric coaching in love and intimacy for couples, couple connecting with hands on heart

Tantric Therapy for Couples

Couples’ sessions offer guidance, techniques and space to explore re-meeting as life partners and lovers. These sessions  encourage you to shed resentment, shame, past problems and guilt. In their place, learn techniques for clear, loving communication, respectful resolution and the experiencing of sacred sexuality.

Whether you are in a new or existing relationship, couples’ sessions can help you to improve and expand your relationship to its highest potential. Read about Introduction to Tantra for couples

You May Benefit if You are Wanting to:

  • Find the ‘spark’ that you enjoyed when you first metTantric therapy and tantric massage in Leeds for couples, couple holding hands
  • Discover more about Tantra and sacred sexuality
  • Find ways to get out of a destructive cycle
  • Learn specific massage skills, including intimate massage
  • Learn the art of consent and asking for what you want
  • Take a few hours to be together, connect and have fun
  • Get some take away tips and ideas for connecting outside of the therapy space
  • Learn new ways of communicating with each other
  • Deepen the bond between you
  • Learn more about the art of lovemaking
  • Take part in and learn beautiful connection rituals / ceremonies
  • You want to explore open relating as an option 
  • Learn specific techniques such as Sensate Focus to help overcome any difficulties or blocks with intimacy

Free the Flow of Sexual Energy

In longer term relationships it is easy to start taking each other for granted, have expectations and disappointments about each other. This behaviour can in turn lead to a lack of sexual desire or to a routine form of love making which leaves both parties ultimately feeling unfulfilled, misunderstood and dissatisfied. Many of the resulting communication and relating problems that stem from this dissatisfaction and poor communication will manifest in the sexual part of the relationship.  This therapy for couples can help to unravel these often deep seated issues and help to start to resolve long held patterns of disharmony.

Tantric Theory and Practice

Learn to connect the energy of sexuality with the energy of love. Nurture yourself, your partner and your relationship in a safe and loving space. 

Tatiana Aitken tantric coaching and education with a couple

Choose to learn tantric breath practices, withholding ejaculation, techniques to awaken the woman,  loving without expectation and loving communication. You can also learn yoni massage, lingam massage and other Tantra skills for spreading and generating sexual energy. This will help you to turn sex into love making and partnership into a sacred union.



3 hours £350 

4 hours £400 

I offer treatments in Teesside (TS12 area) and London (Bermondsey SE16). 

Some concessions available for the low waged, please ask.

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“The session with Tatiana was incredibly helpful and healing – me and my partner really felt our connection to each other deepen, and we learnt some amazing techniques we can use at home. It was 4 hours of indulgent and fulfilling “couple time”, where we could be fully present with each other and enjoy our time together. Although we were apprehensive beforehand, it’s actually fantastic to have a facilitator with you while you practice intimate exercises, to help you process any difficult emotions that come up. I would recommend these sessions to any couple who want to deepen their connection and experience a new level of intimacy within a safe and supportive space” Becki

“Tatiana was very caring and explained the session very well. She understands that this is a journey and is happy to be of service to help one progress on this path” (Anon)