Lingam Massage – What to Expect?

Lingam massage, also known as penis massage, involves the use of different techniques to touch the lingam. It is usually offered as part of a full body massage, and not just a stand alone service. There are many different reasons why a man may want to receive a lingam massage. These can be therapeutic, for example – to help with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Other reasons include experiencing pleasure or relief of tension.

There are Different Types of Lingam Massage

There is a difference between different types of tantric massage, so it is a good idea to check what the practitioner offers before coming for a session. Many tantric therapists do not offer the option of ejaculation at the end of the session. The sessions that have ejaculation as the focus at the end tend to be shorter, and are not usually referred to as therapy. The kind of session you choose to go for will largely depend on what it is that you are wanting it for.

Help with Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Lingam massage can help with such issues as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or inhibited ejaculation. This is done both by working on the physical body to address any underlying physical issues, and addressing any psychological issues. This involves helping the client to be mindful to notice what may come up during a session – for example, anxiety around performance, fear of intimacy, or many other reasons. No two people are the same, and the reasons for experiencing erectile and ejaculatory issues vary widely.

What to Expect in a Session

The length of a tantric bodywork therapy session varies, depending on which practitioner you visit. The sessions I offer are either 3 or 4 hours long. There is time to talk when you first arrive, then for you to take a shower before coming back into the therapy space. We would then spend some time connecting with eye gazing and you receiving touch to different parts of your body, if that felt right for you. I only give the kind of touch that is wanted by you, to those parts of the body that you want touching. Consent and boundaries play an important role in this work and I always respect the boundaries that are true for you.

Before the lingam massage, I offer a full body massage to relax the body, including the option of a prostate massage. The lingam massage varies in length of time, usually from half an hour to an hour – although it can be shorter or longer, depending on your preferences and reasons for receiving the treatment. I use different techniques to massage the balls and lingam.

To Ejaculate or Not?

The option of completing the lingam massage with an ejaculation depends on the practitioner. It is common for tantric therapists not to offer ejaculation at the end. Instead, the focus is on keeping sexual energy in the body, and moving it from the genital area to other parts. I tend to work with clients who want to learn to have full body orgasms or other tantric techniques, and as such usually do not offer ejaculation as part of the service. However, under some circumstances, such as when a client finds it difficult to ejaculate, it may be part of the therapy. There are many benefits of learning semen retention techniques to ejaculate less frequently, and feel more pleasure in the body.

What if I Just Want Pleasure and Stress Relief?

Many men may find that an ejaculation at the end of a lingam massage aids them with relieving stress. Although this kind of session can be pleasurable and relaxing, please note that this is not something I offer. Instead, I use different tools for helping clients achieve a more permanent state of relaxation and wellbeing. And, of course, feeling pleasure, and expanding the amount of pleasure clients are able to feel, is part of the therapy. This also includes identifying and working through any blocks to feeling pleasure and sensation in the body.

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